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Digital Thermometer
Digital Thermometer
P-26,PH-025M, Portable/Online pH Tester
P-26,PH-025M, Portable/Online pH Tester
DS-1045, Digital Stowatch
DS-1045, Digital Stowatch

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MxRady Lab Solutions Pvt Ltd  is one of the leading supplier for Scientific & Laboratory Instruments in INDIA. 

We offer all kinds of scientific & laboratory products for Universities, Research Institutes, Pharma, Food laboratories, Hospitals & other sectors. Besides we are also in Agricultural, Molecular & Cell Biology, Biochemistry & Environment Labs in India.

Our Flagship products include Cuvettes & Cells for all laser application, Weighing Balances, Alumina Crucibles & Labware, Agate Labware, Refractometers, Ph, tds, Conductivity meters, Measuring Instruments, AAS Hollow Cathode Lamps & other scientific instruments. 

Head quartered in New Delhi, the capital of INDIA  & Epicenter for the major cities, we have complete Global Presence presence.


Established in 1978, We are a 40 Years old ISO, CE, MSME & FDA Certified organisation. Product Variety, Volume Capacity and long list of Satisfied clients in India and Internationally, & today we stand at the strong position after having achieved a turnover in Billions.

Under the guidance of company Director Mr Nitesh Goyal, we work as a TEAM which has an excellent service support along with unmatched efficient quality & price in the INDIAN market. 


The Company

Founded in 1978, and Focus on extraordinary massive products . 

India's top Scientific Equipments Company.


The Products

High quality Laboratory Accessories, Instruments and Equipment's Spares. 

Excellent price performance ratio.



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Manufacturing, Exporting, Marketing, Import, Service. 

The Applications (Sector)

All Laboratories.

All Research Institutes. 

All Universities.


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Quartz  Rectangular Cuvette with Screw Cap Quartz Rectangular Cuvette with Screw Cap
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Portable Hotplate
pH/ORP/Temp Tester
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